Custom hearing solutions to preserve hearing from damage.

SECURITY EARPIECESCommunication products to improve security and service that beat hand signals.
CUSTOM IFBsCustom Earpiece IFBs are perfect for talent and liveshot photographers and cameramen.
IN-EAR MONITORSCustom inear monitors handcrafted for music professionals & audiophiles alike.
BRANDED PROTECTIONCustom imprinted earplugs are great promo giveaways in many industries.

About Sound Signature LLC

Courtney Smith has performed audiological services since 2005, in 2014 she founded Sound Signature Las Vegas.

Courtney has worked extensively with people in the Las Vegas music industry and nightlife community, DJs, music festivals, news personalities, and corporations to find ideal hearing protection solutions for their specialized situations. She works with thousands of people to preserve the tool for their craft - their hearing.